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Poem The First Red-Bird

Discussion in 'Kids Zone' started by Princess, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Princess

    Princess Member

    Aug 21, 2016
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    The First Red-Bird
    Evaleen Stein

    I heard a song at daybreak,
    So honey-sweet and clear,
    The essence of all joyous things
    Seemed mingling in its cheer.

    The frosty world about me
    I searched with eager gaze,
    But all was slumber-bound and wrapped
    In violet-tinted haze.

    Then suddenly a sunbeam
    Shot slanting o'er the hill,
    And once again from out the sky
    I heard that honied trill.

    And there upon a poplar,
    Poised at its topmost height,
    I saw a little singer clad
    In scarlet plumage bright.

    The poplar branches quivered,
    By dawn winds lightly blown,
    And like a breeze-swept poppy-flower
    The red-bird rocked and shone.

    The blue sky, and his feathers
    Flashed o'er by golden light,
    Oh, all my heart with rapture thrilled,
    It was so sweet a sight!